About Kamala Yoga

I am a freelance yoga teacher in Berlin and I travel the city everyday to give yoga classes at people's homes or in companies.

My passion for yoga and wish to spread this practice led me to develop different courses tailored to the needs and environment of my students. As a certified yoga teacher since 2015 (by the Sivananda Vedanta Yoga Centers), all classes are based on my own knowledge and practice of Hatha Yoga.

I primarily teach in English or French, yet I also have a good command of German if preferred. 


About Yoga

The practice of yoga, regardless of which approach or tradition, aims at finding balance and peace both physically and mentally. Yoga helps you to take better care of the body while providing tools to calm the mind. It can be practiced by all and adapted to a professional, school, or private environment.  


Kamala Yoga offers contemporary yoga which, while honouring the Indian philosophical heritage, is also a practical tool adapted to our daily lives. We learn to tone and stretch our muscles properly, be gentle with our body, pay attention to our breath, and fully relax.